100 Hot Magazine Cover Templates – Photoshop Ready

Spicy Magazine Templates

Imagine creating a design with the POP and POW of a realistic magazine cover, either for a real magazine, brochure, or for an advertorial, or online product.

Get a head start with these templates, 100 to choose from, just change up the image and text with Photoshop and you’re up and running in minutes.

There’s a big variety of designs, and all have the POP and POW that the magazine industry has taken DECADES to perfect.

Did you know they even split test magazine covers? Yes, they release magazines with two different covers and see which sells the best. Not many people know that.

But, it means that the magazines you see on shelves today know EXACTLY how to push the customers buttons.

So we got a professional designer to craft these templates exclusively for us. You won’t find these ANYWHERE else.

Both personal (your projects) and developer (no limit client projects) licenses are available:

100 Hot Magazine Cover Templates >>


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