Genisys Icon Pack by JF Garsula

GENISYS Icon Pack – 1,120 Professional HQ Icons by JF Garsula

JF Garsula just released Genisys Icon Pack, a professional collection of 1,120 icons to spice up your designs!

It’s 2015 and are you still having the same marketing design like its 2014? Or worst its in the 80s!

If you want to make your designs stunning… sure there are lots of graphics out there.

But are you paying a monthly payment? Are you paying every single time to buy more?

How about getting weekly graphics so cheap that you’d only have to pay for only one-time for the rest of your life?

If you get instant access to Genisys Icons Pack aside from getting LICKABLE graphics that engage and convert your leads and prospects…

YOU will get more graphics on the side every single week.

Module #1 is 28 Business Icons – Remember you get 27 Modules in this package!

Click The Image below to see all 27 Modules!

mod1 28 Business Icons by .

Module #1 28 Business Icons – Remember you get 27 Modules in this package!


Now these stunning icons are so NEW and FRESH that you’d be unique, stand out amongs others and brand yourself way better this year.

Starting today you have the opportunity to save a huge amount of money and get more graphics at the same time!

So you get a ton of elegant graphic icons and you even get weekly graphics every single week of your life… all for a EXTREMELY cheap and affordable price!

Did I forget to say its only a one time payment?

Literally ONCE… and get more than one graphics every single
month for the rest of your life!

Lets make the web colourful and kissable…






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