Huge Fitness Graphics Blowout!

Fact: You need graphics for your marketing materials and website. Most people get graphics from a stock website but are using them in a way they aren’t allowed to… or worse, they simply grab some graphics from Google Images.

This can and will result in thousands of dollars in copyright infringement fines. Don’t think you won’t get caught, the major stock graphics companies have people on staff whose job is to search for infringers with sophisticated online software tools. Why? Because there is a lot of money in fines.

One online marketer got dinged for a $3,400 out-of-court settlement because of ONE picture he thought was ok to use. If found guilty in court, he faced over $100,000 in fines!

Your business is not worth the risk — you need LEGAL LICENSED graphics.

A few guys I know have just released a package called FITNESS TOON GRAPHICS. I think it’s essential for you and they’re running a serious launch special for it.

When you pick up FITNESS TOON GRAPHICS, you’ll get a ton of graphics with men and women in various fitness-related poses. They even included before-and-after graphics, plus overweight versions (smart, you need these!).

And these are vector graphics, which means that they can be stretched up to any size, even on the side of a bus or a building! But they of course work perfectly for websites, business cards, etc.

You’ll also get pre-made banner templates and Facebook ads, plus eCover templates for your books and reports, video overlays to make your YouTube vids look pro, and a bonus weight loss graphics pack.

The FITNESS TOON GRAPHICS license lets you use the graphics for anything you want. You just can’t sell them or give them away. Other than that, they’re totally safe to use… no more worrying about huge copyright infringement fines or expensive stock graphics with restrictive licenses.

And it’s a lifetime license. These graphics become an asset in your business instantly.

These guys have a team of people on staff creating graphics every day. Maybe your business can’t justify paying for a team, but you can certainly take advantage of theirs, for a ridiculously low price.



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