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Info-graphics Motivation – 10 Info-graphics Templates In The Personal Development Niche

Did you know? If you check your Facebook newsfeeds or you’re on Pinterest you will know that Infographics are popular.

They make perfect viral material for your friends and THEIR friends to share, and that’s why social media marketers love them so much.

Unfortunately, they make it look so simple because in actuality, it is *PRICEY* to create them.

FYI they usually cost around $500 to create (if you want them to be good)…

… Well, until now that is.

And this is good stuff because:

* These infographics are a summary on hot personal development topics that not only are people super interested in, they also pay FORTUNES for programs in self help (even MORE than Internet Marketing itself!)

* This is viral worthy

* It is done professionally by two graphic artists

* And you can use them as-is or even customize them…

… Minus the exorbitant fees!

Basically, not only can you use these infographics to promote your blogs, social pages, and sales pages…

… You can ALSO edit them as much as you want to create entirely new infographics!

And right now you can get them at a cost much lower than if you try to outsource on your own.

Infographics like this are pricey to create. In fact, right now this is being launched at intro price so you can get it at a fraction before it goes back to its retail price.

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