Instant Infographics Templates – 100 Premium Templates

Infographics remain really popular, and often go viral on Social Media.

Why? They present lots of information in one easily shareable image.

But, creating them can be expensive, a designer could easily charge hundreds of dollars for just one.

The solution is right here, a set of templates ready for you to create great eye-catching info graphics.

There’s 100 different templates, each of them in 5 different formats: Ai, EPS, PDF, SVG and PSD.

And, if you’re looking to create these for clients, grab the developer licence which allows you to do exactly that.


“You could easily charge several hundred dollars for one of these to a client – just don’t tell them you started out with this pack of templates!”



Instant Infographics Templates >>


Instant Infographics Templates

Instant Infographics Templates >>


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