Hangout Blaster – Leverage hangouts for tons more traffic!

Google Hangouts are awesome for doing videos. You can easily get on a live video by yourself or with a bunch of other people and discuss a topic, or even review and/or demonstrate a product or service.
Once you’re done with the Hangout, it gets automatically posted on your YouTube channel, where it can bring in traffic and get preferential treatment by Google.
And that’s where most people stop. They don’t realise…

+ They set up their Hangout wrong… and
+ They could be syndicating their Hangout virally across a load of websites for more viewers and tons more traffic!

The secrets are out there… and you can learn it in 5 minutes.
HANGOUT BLASTER is the new course that exposes the secrets to a unique little-known method of leveraging Hangouts for waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more traffic than everything else imagined was possible.

In Hangout Blaster, you’ll learn a way to set up your Hangouts that overcomes certain limitations that are often counter productive to getting high rankings. The process gets turned on its head and YOU get to take (unfair?) advantage.
Next, you’ll get taken by the hand and walked through an easy-to-follow process that will syndicate your Hangout across multiple Web 2.0 properties. Everything gets spread virally for maximum visibility.
In other words, instead of shaking a stick to draw attention, you’re now shaking an entire tree!

Hangout Blaster lays out the entire process in both PDF and video formats, step by step, so you can get the full ranking impact. You can use this for Hangouts promoting:

+ Your Own Products
+ Physical Products – such as Amazon
+ SEO Services
+ Website Services
+ Digital Products – such as JVZoo or Clickbank
+ CPA Offers
+ Local Offline Businesses
+ Profile Building and Branding
+ MLM and Network Marketing
+ Youtube Ads
+ Adsense

Basically, anything you can talk about or show in a Hangout can be targeted for big traffic using the Hangout Blaster method!

Hangout Blaster

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