SpeedAzon – WordPress Theme

SpeedAzon is an innovative WordPress theme designed for Amazon affiliates. It features strong built-in no-plugin-needed SEO functionality, plus exceptional load speeds (Google loves this!).
Product images and core product info are pulled directly from Amazon, with a focus on single product websites.

SpeedAzon is a new WordPress theme for Amazon marketers like you who want fast site setup without sacrificing load speed and SEO capabilities. SpeedAzon has all the search engine optimizing built right into the theme, so you can get top search engine results without plugins that bog your site down.

SpeedAzon is perfect for setting up dedicated single product Amazon sites, the kind that draw in focused buyers. It pulls images and core info directly from Amazon and gets that affiliate cookie dropped onto your visitor, so YOU get the commission.

With SpeedAzon, you’ll go from putting up one or two Amazon sites up per day, to cranking out 5, 10, maybe even more. It’s that simple to use, without sacrificing load speed or SEO power.


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