Tunes Pack 2

A Massive Collection Of 985 Professional Quality Music Tracks

If you create videos, training, presentations, etc., you need background music.

Where are you getting it from? AudioJungle?

If you do that, I bet you’re paying silly prices for individual tracks that limit you with what you can do with them.

Until now. Now, there’s Tunes Pack 2.
(In a hurry? Check it out now!

Tunes Pack 2

Tunes Pack 2 is a massive collection of 985 professional (Audio Jungle Type quality music tracks in MP3 format,) perfect for video production, product creation, apps, games, presentations, live productions, even hold music for your phone.

Every track is 100% legally licensed for you to use for your projects, whatever they may be! – meaning you will save big time!

Tunes Pack 2 contains every type of music you could ever need, from blues to country, rock to techno, samba to dubstep, jazz to orchestra, driving drum beats to soothing natural sounds, all in varying lengths and styles. You’ll practically never run out of music for your projects!

Remember, the tracks you’ll get in Tunes Pack 2 are totally legal. No more copyright violations to worry about, these come directly from the source, so you can trust that they’re safe.

And you don’t need to pay the $8-$30 most sites charge per track for single use. The Tunes Pack 2 collection is priced at pennies per track, and you have unlimited use for your own projects. Need developer rights to use them for your client projects? Those are available for a cheap upgrade.

Tunes Pack 2 is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Grab your license now while they’re at the lowest price possible!

Tunes Pack 2

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